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Kerry on the Jewish State

March 14, 2014

Well, well, well. Did John Kerry really say at the House Committee on Foreign Affairs that, “Israel’s insistence that the Palestinians officially recognize Israel as a Jewish state is a mistake”? Who would have thought only a week ago that John Kerry would ever say so publicly? The entire world knows that he put enormous pressure on Abbas to recognize Israel as “The Jewish State”, because he said so publicly four or five times in front of TV cameras. But Abbas, to his credit, resisted, and said, “No way! That would never happen.” Realizing that Netanyahu could use this as an excuse to scuttle peace talks, Kerry has suddenly started singing a different tune. The reason is quite simple, really. He wants the talks to continue beyond the April 29 deadline that he himself had set before the talks began. He also knows that when the talks collapse, Abbas would go to the Hague, Netherlands, and knock on the ICC doors. This he wants to prevent at all costs. He is even willing to drop one of his original demands. Just shows how desperate Kerry is to see that the talks continue for another year or more. He has never been an unbiased arbiter of peace. He has, after all, Israel’s interest at heart; the longer the talks last, the more opportunity Netanyahu gets to annex more Palestinian lands, approve and build more illegal settlements, and change “the facts on the ground”. I hope sanity will prevail in Israel’s political leaders and that Israel’s occupation of Palestine using brute military force will end soon.
Yesh Prabhu, Bushkill, Pennsylvania